The B&B Experience

The Modern B&B

Bed and Breakfast Inns have come a long way in the last many years.  Even if you stayed at a B&B 30 years ago, you may be surprised at how they have changed and stayed up with the times.

Each Inn is unique and different.  Our Montana Inns provide a variety of experiences for you to choose from.  Some are in large, old, historic homes right in the center of town, while others are log homes located near streams, mountains, and wildlife viewing.  Some of our B&B’s offer only one room, while others have up to 10 rooms to choose from.  One Inn may offer a gourmet breakfast and another, a buffet. 

Although unique, each Inn seems to have one thing in common… a dedicated Innkeeper who is there to help you to enjoy your time in Montana.  We are more than happy to share our secrets about our part of the world with you.

The Montana Bed and Breakfast members are not “fly by night” operations; they have dedicated their lives to sharing the Montana Experience with travelers just like you from around the globe. In everything we do, you are the center of our universe!


10 Myths about a Bed and Breakfast stay

Still not sure about us? Let’s just bust some myths that might be out there!

1.      B&B’s are big, old houses, owned by elderly women with ten cats and doilies all over the place. FALSE

The majority of our Inns are run by a couple that have escaped the corporate world and followed their passion for hospitality in Big Sky Country. They may kayak, hike, ski, farm, love the arts, antique, and are active in their communities. There are historic Inns, lodge-like Inns, built from the ground up Inns, themed Inns, and a whole lot more. There really is something for everyone. All of our members offer modern conveniences.  Check out the rest of our website to get the vibe for each Bed and Breakfast.

2.      You have to share a bathroom. FALSE

All of our bed and breakfasts offer private bathrooms. Even historic homes have been remodeled to offer private bathrooms. And many have plush spa tubs, steam showers, and granite and tile details.

3.      B&B’s are expensive. FALSE

Despite offering far more amenities and more personal service than any hotel, we are often on par or less than a stay at a moderate to luxury priced hotel. When you add in the fact that your breakfast is homemade with real ingredients, often locally sourced, we are a very good value.

4.      B&B’s are not for business travelers. FALSE

Many of us cater to business travelers and offer government rates as well as longer term discounts (especially from Oct. thru May). We may have a quiet “office” for you to conduct business and some of us offer the perfect spot for a corporate retreat.  Have an early meeting?  No problem, we can usually work with you on a time for breakfast. Free wi-fi, and use of a printer/scanner are common. If you have a travel budget just ask and you will find that often, we can meet your needs.

5.      Anyone can rent out a room in their house to be a B&B. FALSE

With the proliferation of online options like AirBnB, it’s buyer beware. To be a member of the MTBBA applicants have to meet state, local and association guidelines. Not all properties that apply will be accepted and that is good for you! By staying at a member B&B you know you are getting a safe, professional experience every time.

6.      B&B’s don’t offer modern conveniences. FALSE

Free wi-fi, private bathrooms, plenty of outlets for electronic devices, and in room TV’s are the norm. Plus, many member B&B’s in Montana offer free use of bear spray if you are going hiking in Grizzly country (a $50-$60 savings), free use of hiking poles and other great perks that you won’t find at a hotel.

7.      There is a curfew, or I won’t be able to come and go when I choose. FALSE

There are no curfews, you are given your own key and often have your own entry. You can stay out until 3am for all we care. Just don’t expect us to wait up!

8.      You have to eat breakfast with strangers. FALSE—but it can be more fun!

While each Inn operates differently,  you can be accommodated. Check to see if you can eat in your room, or at a separate table. But as an Innkeeper that has been in the business for 20 years, I can tell you that the best conversations are at the breakfast table with ALL of the guests. They share stories about what they have already experienced in Montana and get advice from one another about things to do. We have even had a few guests realize they are distant relatives after meeting for breakfast!

9.      There is a front desk available 24/7. FALSE

While you won’t find a more personalized concierge from 8am until at least 8pm, you also won’t find someone “manning the desk” all night long. B&B owners wear many hats:  host, chef, housekeeper, and maintenance person. Unless it is an emergency, please don’t call at midnight to ask what’s for breakfast or which club to go to.  We can accommodate late check-ins, but let us know when you reserve your room or call from the road so we can make arrangements.

10.  B&B’s are pretentious and stuffy. FALSE

We are a very relaxed, social group that is as diverse as the country we live in. We are here to help you experience the best that Montana has to offer. We often prefer to share with you where to find that secret fishing spot, rather than talk world politics. Our Inns are an extension of ourselves and many of us encourage you to kick back and relax with a cool beverage after a long day exploring Big Sky Country. It’s your vacation! Have fun!