ZooMontana and Botanical Gardens focuses on wildlife and plants that are native to Montana, the northern Rockies, and other cold climates above the 45th parallel.  Located in Billings, MT, this indoor/outdoor wildlife park is a serene and natural place to spend a day, with the kids or without.  Canyon Creek runs right through the park, making it a perfect place for the zoo, just west of the city.

Some of the animals which call ZooMontana home are Grizzly bear, wolf, lynx, otters, wolverine, beaver, tiger, and panda.  There are also the quieter animals like snakes, millipedes, rabbits, iguana, owls, and so many more.  There is no shortage of ‘awws’ and ‘eews’ to be heard as you and the kids explore the various habitat.

The zoo is open all year long, although winter hours are short.  Check their website for information.   December brings evening sleigh rides and trips through the park to see the lights.  Summertime brings lots of opportunities for camp for the kids.  Parking is free and strollers and wheelchairs are available for rent.

The Crossings

The Crossings Bed & Breakfast

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Summer at Two Bears Inn

Two Bears Inn Bed & Breakfast

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