Fort Assinniboine - Harvre

Just 6 miles from Havre, Montana is the remains of Fort Assinniboine, which was built after the battle of Little Big Horn and the capture of the Nez Perce at the battle of Bear Paw.  The United States felt it was important to protect itself from future attack from the north, by the Sioux. - An attack that never came.

Surrounded by the Milk River, the Missouri River and the  Bear Paw Mountains, the fort at one time encompassed over 700,000 acres.  Today, some of that land has been ceded to the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, and some of it later became Beaver Creek Park, the largest county park in the country.

Tours are available in the summer.  If you want to learn more about how the fort impacted not only the area, but various factions of the US Army, this tour is for you.  As you visit Havre, MT, a visit to Fort Assinniboine is a must.

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