Havre Beneath the Streets

Havre Barber shop

This unique depiction of turn-of-the-century life in north central Montana is actually located “beneath the streets”.  When a fire destroyed most of the town of Havre in 1904, the business owners rebuilt in the existing basements. Skylights along the streets allow sunshine to illuminate the underground.

Today tours are available to take you back 100 years when the railroad city of Havre was flourishing.  Get a feel for the diversity of life as Havre was growing and thriving.  Travel the underground passageways from shop to shop.  Imagine the bootlegging during Prohibition, the opium dens, gambling cowboys, saloons, and brothels, as well as everyday shops such as bakeries, dentists, and the laundry.

This underground part of the city was restored in the 1990’s as a tourist destination.  It is open year round.  Check the website to see hours and fees.

For more information you can ask your friendly B&B host.  They are happy to share their little corner of the world with you.


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