Tizer Botanic Gardens

Tizer Botanical Gardens and Arboretum is a hidden gem just 20 minutes south of Helena off of US 15.  Plan a day to wander the many gardens.  This is a great way to be outdoors in Montana, yet not as strenuous as hiking, biking, or even golf.  The pathways, gift shop, and restrooms are 90% handicap accessible.

Walk the many gardens, each with its own special characteristics.  View the secret and the children’s garden, the gazebo garden, the butterfly and hummingbird garden, the herb and the rose gardens, and of course the vegetable garden.  Wander on the wildflower path and go over the Prickley Pear creek.  Take time to reflect in the meditation garden and in the shade garden.  Watch plein air artists who are taking advantage of the beauty of this site, capturing it on canvas.  Or, bring your own paints and see what you can create.

Many a bride and groom has started out their married life at Tizer Botanical Gardens. What a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony.

Occasionally the Gardens hold festivals.  Check their website to see what is happening on any given weekend.

While staying in the city of Helena, this is a great little excursion for you to get out of ‘the big city’.  Ask your B&B hosts for travel information and some tips on the best time to visit.