Visit Montana’s Natural Historic Places

Visit Montana’s Natural Historic Places

Montana is home to 10 National parks, monuments, trails, battlefields, and historic sites. Yellowstone and Glacier are best known but others throughout the state give you a rich look at history and natural ecosystems. The park system allows us to experience and view the natural landscape, as well as the abundant wildlife.

There are 54 State Parks throughout Montana connecting you to nature, water sports, and to history. From the wonder of the Lewis and Clark Caverns to Ghost Towns and recreation areas, there are plenty of places to explore the wonders of Montana.

After a day of exploring in the park, head on home to your favorite B&B, share your stories, and enjoy the warm hospitality of Montana.

Livingston Depot Center

Founded by the Northern Pacific Railroad, Livingston was a central point for railway workers and visitors travelling to Yellowstone National Park.  The passenger depot, built in 1902, is still a welcoming center for Yellowstone visitors.  It is just 50 miles north of the north gate in G...

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Fort Assinniboine - Harvre

Just 6 miles from Havre, Montana is the remains of Fort Assinniboine, which was built after the battle of Little Big Horn and the capture of the Nez Perce at the battle of Bear Paw.  The United States felt it was important to protect itself from future attack from the north, by the Siou...

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Roosevelt Gate Gardiner

Yellowstone awakes in Spring

It is springtime and Yellowstone National Park is waking up.  Animals are emerging from their winter sleep, brand new babies are coming outside for the first time, and our Park’s crew are busy clearing roads so that you can have access to it all.

Yellowstone is one of our most popular Nati...

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Butte Mining Museum

The World Museum of Mining

Butte Montana, famous for its copper mining in the early 20th century, is home to the World Museum of Mining.  Here you will get a glimpse of what is was like for the miners who worked under the ground day in and day out.  The Underground Mine Tour will take you 65 feet into the Orphan Girl Mine...

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Granite County Museum

The Granite County Museum and Cultural Center gives the visitor a look at the history of Granite County, Montana through exhibits and education.  One of the richest silver strikes in our country helped to shape life in Granite County in the 1860’s.  ...

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McDonald Creek to Lake

Early Spring in Glacier National Park

It is April and Glacier National Park is waking up to warmer weather, melting ice and snow, and the plowing of the Going to the Sun Road (GTTSR).  This is a special time of year in the park.  Although vehicle access is limited across the park, it is a great time to experience the quiet...

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Fort Benton Historic District

Fort Benton, nicknamed “The birthplace of Montana”, has also been named one of the fifteen prettiest towns in America.  There is plenty of history to explore during your stay.  As you explore downtown, check out some of these places.


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Montana Capitol Building

Montana Capitol

As Helena is Montana’s State Capital, central to the city is the State Capitol Building. It is quite s...

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Lamar valley bison

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone

One of the best areas in Yellowstone National Park to view wildlife is the Lamar Valley.  Located in the northern part of the park, this vast and beautiful expanse of land will entice you to want to make s...

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The Daly Mansion

The Daly Mansion is the historic home of American industrialist Marcus Daly.  It is located on 46 acres in Hamilton, Montana, in the Bitterroot Valley between Stevensville and Darby.  The exhibits at the mansion tell the story...

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