The Sweet Palace

Broadway Philipsburg MT

A trip through Montana is not complete without a stop at The Sweet Palace in Philipsburg.  Located on Broadway in downtown Philipsburg, The Sweet Palace will spark the inner child in you as you are surrounded by candy and sweet confections of all sorts.

Housed in a Victorian style mercantile building, you will not know which way to turn first.  Look for taffy being pulled, fudge being made, and case upon case of delectable treats. Smell the aroma of chocolate, caramels, and toffee.

Even if you are not into sweets (that’s OK, we understand), you will enjoy stepping into this refurbished Victorian era establishment.  The grains of the wooden display cabinets, stairways, and railings are spectacular. Imagine yourself back 100 years and what it was like to shop in a store like this one.

Fudge, hard candy, taffy, gluten free treats, gummies, licorice, sugar-free, and many more are all available for purchase.  Give yourself a special sweet treat and enjoy the delightful town of Philipsburg, MT.

Please be aware that they are closed on Saturdays. Check out their website for hours and other information.