Highline Trail - Glacier Park

Glacier National Park

Spectacular views and an abundance of wildflowers are the keystones to this hike in Glacier National Park.  Starting at Logan Pass and about 7,200 ft in elevation, the trail opens in early to mid summer, after the snow melts enough for safe passage.  Views of the valley, including The Going to the Sun Road are incredible and even overwhelming. The Garden Wall will be above, so make sure to scan for bighorn sheep.  As the summer progresses, so do the variety of flowers in bloom for your viewing pleasure. It is never the same trail each time it is traveled.

Take the free shuttle from Apgar in West Glacier or St. Mary’s Visitor Center on the east side to Logan Pass.  Parking is also available at Logan Pass, but it is likely to be full unless you get there early - about 7:00. The Highline Trail goes to the Granite Park Chalet - about 7 miles.  From there it is either 7 miles back to Logan Pass, or 4 miles down the Loop Trail. If hiking shorter distances is preferrable, hike out on the Highline as far as is comfortable and then turn around and hike back to Logan Pass.  The view is always different when coming home.  

The Highline Trail is not steep and even the novice hiker can enjoy it.  The beginning is a bit narrow and of course, high up. There is a Wire safety rope to hang on to for those wanting a bit more security.  Those who are afraid of heights might want to pick a different trail. In spite of its high location, it is quite a popular trail, so expect lots of people especially in the beginning.

Ask your Bed and Breakfast host more about this magnificent trail.  They can recommend the best time to get there and provide advice on what to bring along in order to have the most enjoyable experience.

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