Montana Attractions

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Flathead Lake Cherries

Flathead Lake Cherries

Montana is famous for its cherries, grown around the Flathead Lake.  The season is short, but there is an abundance of sweet, juicy cherries in July and early August throughout the Flathead Valley.

Want to pick your own cherries?  No problem!  Just take a ride around the east side of Flathead Lake and pull in at any U-Pick sign.  In typical Montana fashion, the farm stand workers will help you to don your cherry bucket and direct you to trees in the orchid which will have easily accessible cherries, ripe for the picking.  This usually comes with some helpful hints like, “no...

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Granite County Museum

The Granite County Museum and Cultural Center gives the visitor a look at the history of Granite County, Montana through exhibits and education.  One of the richest silver strikes in our country helped to shape life in Granite County in the 1860’s.  The museum has a replica of the underground mine, depicting the everyday life of the miner.

The museum is located in the old Courtney Hotel on South Sansome Street in Philipsburg, Montana.  The entire first floor of the hotel was remodeled for display space, a gift shop, an...

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Fort Assinniboine - Harvre

Just 6 miles from Havre, Montana is the remains of Fort Assinniboine, which was built after the battle of Little Big Horn and the capture of the Nez Perce at the battle of Bear Paw.  The United States felt it was important to protect itself from future attack from the north, by the Sioux. - An attack that never came.

Surrounded by the Milk River, the Missouri River and the  Bear Paw Mountains, the fort at one time encompassed over 700,000 acres.  Today, some of that land has been ceded to the Rocky Boy Indian Reservation, and some of it later became Beaver Creek P...

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Ninepipe Wildlife Refuge

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge

Ninepipe National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful area south of Polson and Flathead Lake, and north of St. Ignatius and Missoula, MT., created to accommodate nesting birds.  It is open to the public for wildlife viewing, birding, and photography.  Of course, the best viewing is early in the morning or later in the day.  There are over 200 species of birds. Mostly waterfowl, that come through the area.  Wildlife mostly consists of muskrats, voles, mice, mink, and skunk.  The occasional bear and deer are seen.

The refuge is mostly water but there are roads that go ar...

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St. Mary Falls Glacier

St. Mary Falls

Not far from the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park, Montana, is St. Mary Falls.  On hot summer days, this oasis of cool water is a popular destination.

There is a small parking area for St. Mary Falls.  From there, walk about a mile to the falls.  As there was a fire in this area in 2015, it is not as shaded as it once was.  The burned yet remaining snags make for an interesting landscape, as well as habitat for many birds.

Once at the falls, take some time...

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Hiking In and Around Bozeman, MT

The Bozeman area has plenty of hiking, biking, and running trails.  Many are located close to town.  Here are a few trails that you can experience during your stay in Bozeman:

Drinking Horse Mountain Trail - located opposite the M trail, it is an easy hike, just outside of city limits.  It is busier than some trails, so be prepared to share the trail with other hikers.  There is an easy way, which is in the sun, or a steeper way which is in the shade.  The great views are along the easier trail.  When the weather is hot, there is a good creek to cool off in...

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Rattlesnake National Recreation and Wilderness Area

Just about 4 miles north of Missoula, MT, lies the Rattlesnake National Recreation and Wilderness Area.  This is a great place for biking, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, and hunting.  The southern 3 miles of the NRA is quite accessible and more frequently used by visitors to the area.  Beyond that is the wilderness area for those that want a wilder and more rustic experience.

Keep your eye out for deer, elk, beaver, mountain goats, and black bears (no rattlesnakes, as far a we can tell!).  Spring and Fall are great for birding.  Over 40 spec...

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Tizer Botanic Gardens

Tizer Botanical Gardens and Arboretum is a hidden gem just 20 minutes south of Helena off of US 15.  Plan a day to wander the many gardens.  This is a great way to be outdoors in Montana, yet not as strenuous as hiking, biking, or even golf.  The pathways, gift shop, and restrooms are 90% handicap accessible.

Walk the many gardens, each with its own special characteristics.  View the secret and the children’s garden, the gazebo garden, the butterfly and hummingbird garden, the herb and the rose g...

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Lamar valley bison

Lamar Valley - Yellowstone

One of the best areas in Yellowstone National Park to view wildlife is the Lamar Valley.  Located in the northern part of the park, this vast and beautiful expanse of land will entice you to want to make several return trips.

Wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone in the Lamar Valley, and can be spotted roaming the countryside.  Look for various colors:  grey, black, white.  It is reported that there are about 100 wolves in Yellowstone, so keep your eyes open.


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Lewis and Clark Caverns

Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park

Montana’s famous limestone cavern is open to tour at Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park.  Located amongst beautiful scenery along side the Jefferson River, just a short drive between Butte and Bozeman in Montana.

As part of your visit to Montana, the tour of the caverns brings you into the underground world.  Access is only by guided tour and starts by a quarter mile walk uphill to the entrance.  Learn about the constant changes that occur in this living cave.  See stalactites, stalagm...

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