Code of Ethics

Montana Bed and Breakfast Association Code of Ethics

As an innkeeper and member of the Montana Bed and Breakfast Association, (MTBBA), I pledge to uphold the MTBBA Code of Ethics, and I understand that if I fail to do so my MTBBA membership will be reviewed and will be subject to revocation as determined by the MTBBA Board of Directors, with forfeiture of all dues and assessments in case of revocation.

As an applicant for membership in MTBBA, I understand that any findings of a violation of the MTBBA Code of Ethics in my present or past business operations is reason for MTBBA to reject my application. Agreeing to the above, I understand that:

I will strive constantly, in words, actions, and deeds, to develop and maintain the highest level of trust, honesty and understanding among members, guests, clients, employees, employers and the public at large.

I will treat all guests equally regardless of race, religion, nationality, creed, age, sex or sexual orientation.

I will deliver standards of service and product with consistency to every guest.

I will provide a safe and sanitary environment at all times for every guest and employee.

I will strive to provide every employee at every level the knowledge, training, equipment and motivation required to perform his or her own tasks according to my own high standards.

I will guarantee that every employee at every level will have the same opportunity to perform and advance, and will be evaluated against the same standards as all employees engaged in the same or similar tasks.

I will concentrate my time, energy and resources on the improvement of my product and services and will not unjustly represent my competition in the pursuit of my own success.

I will seek a fair and honest profit for my product.


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