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The Montana Bed and Breakfast Association has been representing B&B owners for over 25 years.  We are a non-profit organization, run by B&B owners. We understand the B&B industry and it is our sole focus.  

Why have a state Association?

The Montana Bed and Breakfast Association was formed by innkeepers dedicated to maintaining high standards of hospitality.  We are proud of our place in the hospitality and lodging industry in Montana, where tourism is such a big source of income.  As more and more people come to our beautiful state, the Bed and Breakfast Inns in our association continually provide a memorable Montana experience to each and every guest.  When it comes to lodging, B&B’s provide a special kind of experience.

Just as B&B’s have changed and grown over the past years, so has the world around us.  The internet has allowed more and more people to enter the lodging industry.  Our goal at MTBBA is to represent Montana’s Bed and Breakfast Inns who continuously operate according to the rules and regulations of the state, thereby representing Montana in the best possible light.

Those that become members of MTBBA have been inspected and approved.  The MTBBA ‘stamp of approval’ assures our visitors that they are staying at a quality establishment, sanctioned by the laws and rules of the state of Montana.

Why should I join the MTBBA?

A sense of connection:

When you join Montana’s Bed and Breakfast Association, you are not just another faceless name.  There is a comradery amongst member inns.  Although each inn is working separately, there is a common thread that pulls us together.  We are all working at making a living with our home or inn as a source of income.  We all have to deal with the constant changes of the Online Travel Agents (OTA’s), the updating of our websites, the change in SEO rules, the oddball guest or two, and the fluctuation of room pricing.  Our members are able to reach out to each other to get advice, suggestions, or sometimes a compassionate ear is all the help they need to move forward.


Referral of business:

Many members will attest to the fact that they are frequently asked by a guest for a referral to an inn in another Montana city.  The first place we turn is to our members.  We know that if we recommend an MTBBA member inn, that the guest will have a good experience.  We have met many of the innkeepers at the Annual Conference.  This personal connection gives further confidence that our referral is a good one.


Not having to figure it out by yourself:

Although you meet hundreds of guests through your inn, when it comes to running the business, it can feel very lonely.  Who is there to help you to work out issues large or small?  Who can answer a quick question or point you in the right direction?  Who understands what you are going through but other B&B owners?  Our members know that they can count on each other for support.  It may be via an online forum, a quick phone call, or at the Annual Conference.


The voice of many:

As the world changes around us and government rules and regulations change or are not being met by others, can our lone, single voice be heard?  The MTBBA is dedicated to protecting our industry, yet also helping our members as they need to adjust to change.  By being a part of the MTBBA you have a place to voice your concerns and to have that voice then magnified to our local and state representatives.

Boost your internet presence:

The MTBBA has invested in a state of the art website.  It has been designed to drive traffic to our members’ websites.  It targets travelers who are interested in the B&B experience and the Montana experience.  As visitors to our website search for events to attend, things to do, special deals, or wedding venues, each search result shows them the nearby inns that can accommodate their stay.

We are committed to maintaining a top position in the search engines.  The MTBBA website is periodically reviewed for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  The more we are seen, the more your inn will be seen by the internet visitor.

In addition, the MTBBA invests in internet advertising to draw traffic to our website.  This benefits all of our members, as their inn listing has even more chances of being seen by the potential guest.

Once a member of MTBBA, you will have control of your inn’s listing.  You are free to change out your photos so that they show your inn in the best possible light for the season you are targeting.  You can put up special deals to draw in more visitors.  You can look at your statistics for your page to help you determine if things are working or if you need to tweak your listing for better click through to your website.  If “computers are not your thing”, you can always ask us for help.  Our goal is to help your inn to shine.

There is room on the internet for many different types of promotion for your B&B.  Our Association website brings a different view of the lodging world than many popular OTA sites.  We are not just focused on location, but on experience.  Many visitors to Montana have no idea where things are, they just know they want to experience what we have to offer.  Unlike OTA sites, we are not focused on showing the visitor the cheapest price and pitting one establishment against the other.  Our goal is to get you the best quality guest.  The guest who is looking for the quality of stay that your offer.  

Annual Conference Pricebreak:

We at the Montana Bed and Breakfast Association feel that the Annual Conference is so important, that we subsidize the cost of the conference for our members.  Unlike other associations which make money on their conferences, MTBBA uses the conference as a benefit to its members.  When B&B owners are educated in the latest trends, laws, and technology, the entire industry benefits.


MTBBA represents some of the most respected bed and breakfasts in Montana. Members must meet the standards of the Association and are regularly inspected and approved.  Our inspections insure that the inns we represent maintain the highest of standards.

Some other benefits:

  • website listing:  Our website is designed to drive traffic to your website.  You have plenty of ways to show off your inn and its features through your listing.  It will automatically be connected to events and attractions in your area.
  • Social Media Marketing:  We blog, Facebook, and Tweet news from our members helping to spread the word about them and the B&B industry in general.
  • Use of MTBBA logo:  Use our association logo in your marketing to show that you have our licensed, inspected and approved designation.
  • Inn to Inn pricing:  Traveling in Montana?  We have an Innkeeper Exchange program which allows you to stay at other participating member inn with a $60 member-to-member rate.
  • Member Inn Referral: Referrals to your guests for their next B&B accommodation down the road reflects on you. Your recommendation of an MTBBA B&B can give you comfort in the fact you have sent them to one of the best.
  • Quarterly newsletter:  We keep you informed on industry, innkeeper and MTBBA news.
  • Annual Conference:  Keep up to date on the latest trends and issues at our Springtime convention. Prepare to be inspired to bring new energy and ideas to your business.
  • Voice in government:  As new rules and regulations make their way into our world, the association is here to represent your interests.
  • Member support:  Join our members only, private online Facebook forum. It is a great place to network with fellow members and to support each other.

Criteria for MTBBA Membership

  • Bed and Breakfasts of 10 rooms or less
  • Located within Montana
  • Appropriately licensed
  • A resident manager/owner involved in daily operation
  • Passed inspection for MTBBA standards

See our Bylaws for full membership criteria.

The cost of MTBBA membership

  • Annual dues are $250
  • A one-time application and inspection fee of $75 to be considered for membership

To apply for membership. please enter your application here.

Enter the owner's name if different from the innkeeper.

Products & Services

MTBBA has a variety of Associate Members offering products and services for the B&B industry.

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