Gardiner - North Entrance to Yellowstone

Roosevelt Arch

At the southern end of Paradise Valley, route 89 runs into the town of Gardiner, Montana.  It is  between the Gardner and Yellowstone Rivers, close to the Wyoming border in southwestern Montana, dedicated to visitors coming to Yellowstone National Park.  

Standing at the north gate to the park is the Roosevelt Arch.  This was the first entrance gate into the park dedicated in 1903 and is open all year long.  It proudly displays the inscription, “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people.”  What a welcome into the park!

A stay in Gardiner will have you within an hour of the Lamar valley and Mammoth Springs.  It is easy enough to take a day trip down to the thermal pools, Old Faithful, and the Norris Geyser Basin.  Travel east through the park to come to the Beartooth Highway in summertime.

There is plenty of outdoor activity in Gardiner outside of the park.  Look for rafting, fly fishing, kayaking, hunting and hiking.  In winter there is snowshoeing, cross country skiing, dog sledding, and snowmobiling.  Shopping, art galleries, restaurants, and grocery stores are all readily available to add to your stay.

The Park to Paradise Triathlon, and the Hell’s A-Roaring’ Horse Drive are annual events which are not to be missed.

Wildlife is also quite visible from Gardiner.  Elk, antelope, bison, and bear can all be seen throughout the valley.  Keep your eye out as your head north on 89 through Emigrant and up into Livingston.