Havre MT - Where the plains meet the mountains

Havre Bears Paw

Montana’s eighth largest city, Havre is located 45 miles south of the Canadian border in north central Montana.  As is true of many Montana cities, Havre was founded as a railroad town for the Great Northern Railway in the late 1800’s.  It is still an Amtrak stop today.  It is a major city along the Hi-Line:  the area that runs along the railways and route 2.

The Bear Paw Mountains run to the south of Havre and the Milk River runs through town.  As you go through town look down for purple squares.  These are over the underground town known as Havre Beneath the Streets, a major tourist attraction.  The 2000 year old Wahkpa Chu'gn buffalo jump is located in the northeast part of town.  Fort Assinniboine is a short drive south of town.

Havre has a mix of mountains and plains.  It is a haven for outdoor enthusiast all year long.  In addition, it is a city rich with cultural events, including theater, music, museums, shopping, and galleries.

It is home to Montana State University - Northern.

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