Livingston - Gateway to Pardise Valley


Livingston, once a ranching town in southwestern Montana, started to grow as the Northern Pacific Railroad established itself there in the late 19th century.  With the declaration of Yellowstone National Park as our first national park, Livingston became a gateway town for the railroad.  Passengers would transfer in Livingston, to travel down Paradise Valley to Gardiner and the north gate to the park.


Today Livingston is a great mix of historic and cosmopolitan town.  The quaint downtown and surrounding areas preserve the historic feel, yet offers a modern day experience.  There are over 100 art galleries, live theater, fine dining, and shops.  Throughout the year there is plenty to do.  Look for the Christmas Stroll, Show and Shine Car Show, Summerfest along the Yellowstone, the Livingston Hoot, Flyfishers International Fishfest, Montana’s Old-time Fiddlers’ Picnic, Livingston Roundup Rodeo and more.


See Livingston’s history through its museums.  There is the Livingston Depot Center, Yellowstone Gateway Museum, and the International Federation of Flyfishers.  Catch the Tour of Livingston Historic Districts on the Yellow Bus Tour.


Outdoor activities are part of the culture of Livingston.  Some of the best trout fishing in the world is along the Yellowstone River.  There are plenty of hiking trails and opportunities for bike riding, hunting, and horseback riding.  


Although the railroad no longer travels from Livingston to Gardiner, the town is still at a crossroads to activities nearby.  Chico Hot Springs and Bridger Bowl Ski Area are just short drives away.  The Roosevelt Arch and the north gate to Yellowstone National Park is an hour’s drive through the beautiful Paradise Valley on Route 89.


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